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Landlord and Tenant

Commercial Properties can be a very sound investment … if sourced and managed in the right way, otherwise it could end up being a costly mistake.


Not only is it key to identify the correct type of property, in the correct location, but understanding and navigating through the layers of legal administration can be a barrier to unlocking the full value of your property.

Our Landlord & Tenant team have years of experience in negotiating from both sides, so we not only ensure the best lease terms and lowest rents for our many Tenant clients, we will also maximise any potential for our Landlord clients.

We also advise on Service Charges, which can vary widely in cost and provision. We manage expectations of both the Landlord and Tenant, and make sure that the level of service is fully understood and agreed by both parties.


Whatever your property requirements, we are on hand to offer independent, honest and professional advice.

Lease Renewal

With  many years of experience we are able to offer informed instructions when it comes to renewing your lease, most people think of the rent to be agreed as the main area for discussion. Whilst this is an important aspect did you know that onerous or badly worded lease terms can be removed or amended at the point of renewal?

Rent Reviews

If you are already committed to a lease then the most important factor whether you’re a landlord or tenant is your rent reviews.


The majority of leases only provide for upward only reviews. This does not mean that the rent has to increase it only means that it cannot be decreased below your current rental level. It is always worth employing a surveyor to negotiate a rent review on your behalf with the landlord